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Black hidden Under-Ups worn with untucked shirts

Comfort .. Security .. Confidence .. Improved Body Image. Brand new is the Hip Black Clip "Trucker Suspender" style made to wear under your untuckit type shirt. Just slide in your arms through the super soft straps and attach to your waistband with just 2 clips. Wear under your shirt, jacket or sweater in total comfort. Traditional X-back 4 strap models also sold below with Patented black no-slip clips or exclusive black gripper clasps.


USA Patent number 8,209,779 granted to Sal Herman for his Undergarment suspender made to wear under your shirt or blouse. 

Holdup's exclusive USA made black hidden undergarment suspenders made to wear with loose fitting Untuckit type shirts with pants or shorts. All have either black patented no-slip clips or strong composite plastic Gripper Clasps and feature our exclusive Velcro type length adjustment system. Choose from either the 2 side clip Hip-Clip style or the traditional X-back 4 strap models in 1 1/2" or 2" widths.

X-back 4 patented no-slip clip model black Under-Ups with Velcro length adjusters

  • Perfect for the individual who prefers to wear suspenders under a loose fitting shirt with 1 1/2" or 2" soft straps.
  • Patented “no-slip”® nickel or composite plastic gripper clasp
  • Hip-clip style stealth suspenders, one size fits all.
  • Exceptionally soft-to-the-skin beige poly-blend elastic
  • Patented design and made in U.S.A.
  • Hook and loop length adjusting system
  • The 1 1/2" no-buzz hip-clip style with the composite plastic gripper clasp is reimbursable by the major insurance carriers as a durable medical equipment (DME) HCPCS code: A4466, Hold-Up Suspender Company, Inc., product #6406HP Hip-Clip plastic Gripper clasp model.

  • Features newly patented flush webbing design which eliminates bulky plastic adjusters and uses a hook and loop style fastening system.
  • Airport friendly version features the “no-buzz” composite plastic gripper clasp with improved cam lever design eliminating the occasional flip-open problems and the harder you pull, the tighter it grips
  • Traditional X-back style in black Metal clips or Plastic Gripper Clasps available in XL 54" length for $3.00 more. 
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