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Extra Long XL Under-Up Suspenders

Hidden Holdup Under-Up suspender models in the XL longer length are made in the USA

The X-back style hidden Under-Up style Holdup suspenders come in a longer XL model. These have the same hidden smooth line Velcro length adjuster system and have 54"  longer dense weave soft straps so they fit the big and tall man. We have the XL Under-Ups in 2 inch width X-back styles or the normal 1 1/2" width on sale here at UntuckitSuspenders.com. Your choose All Black or the light beige dense strong sweat wicking strap color with choice of USA Patended Gripper Clasps or No-slip metal clips with locking center pin that won't fray waistband materials. Buy using Amazon or PayPal account or any debit or Credit card with Free freight Offer at checkout

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