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Light Beige Under-Up hidden suspenders

Various style choices in the beige Under-Up Holdup hidden suspenders made to wear with untucked in shirts

Holdup Suspender Company makes the best hidden undergarment suspenders with a super strong, but soft, elastic strapping material like a thick dense weave ace bandage. These light beige Trademarked Under-Ups have straps that have a built in sweat wicking properties and are hand washable. These light beige Under-Ups are offered in normal and XL lengths in the traditional 4 strap X-back models that have Holdup's exclusive smooth line built-in hook & loop length adjustment system. No one will even notice your wearing suspenders under that Untuckit or loose fitting Cuban walking shirt. They are so comfortable in 1 1/2" or 2" wide soft strap choices you'll not even notice they are being worn after a few minutes. Choice below in Hip-Clip or X-back styling for men and women. Buy using your Amazon or PayPal account and any Credit card and get Free Freight offer at checkout. Click on images to see enlarged close-up view of hidden Undergarment Suspenders worn under loose fitting Untuckit type shirts.

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