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FAQ common questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our company, product and services including Refund Policy and Total Satisfaction Guarantee:

Only the finest fabrics and leather tabs & crosspatches are used throughout our complete line of men'sAll Holdup Suspenders carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee suspenders. Absolutely the best suspenders money can buy ... backed by the apparel industries' best limited time warranty! Holdup Suspenders are backed with a "no questions asked" 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Our USA Patented no-slip clip carries a Limited Time warranty to never slip-slide or Fly-Off your pants .  If your an apparel retailer, men's store or even sporting goods or hardware store operator you can buy our patented products for resale in your store. Over 2200 fine men's shops and sporting goods retailers have stocked their stores with our Holdup men's suspender in a variety of styles and color options since 1997. If your favorite men's shop doesn't stock Holdups... clue them in.

End users Call 1-800-700-4515 to request a refund or exchange of any of our suspender products. We work together with customers to quickly resolve any support, warranty or order processing mistakes to your total satisfaction. Our commitment to customer service is exceeded only by our willingness to do it!

Q.gif (1032 bytes)Do you accept foreign orders and ship outside the USA?

The answerscards.jpg (5528 bytes)We have made every effort to allow suspenders lovers worldwide to purchase our unique suspender products. We accept most major credit cards, PayPal and Google Checkout for all orders and make every effort to get the product to you the cheapest way possible determined by the destination country. Call our contact phone number for placing International phone orders. As long as your credit card billing address and delivery information match we are assured payment. Holdup Suspenders for overseas shipping uses USPS priority mail service, and requires a signed proof of delivery receipt. We will not ship orders that have a invalid e-mail address or phone # as we verify all orders before shipping.

Amazon Prime and Regular shoppers can purchase Holdup Suspenders from our Amazon Web Shop.. click hereAmazon Prime Shoppers.. Buy Holdup all 450 styles of Suspenders and other products from our Amazon Web Shop...click here

Q.gif (1032 bytes)Is there a away I can order my suspenders without using a credit card and what security do you offer those who use their cards?

The answersCertainly. We offer several alternate payment methods through our secure online forms. Checks ( drawn on US Banks only) -Fax orders- money orders-and major credit cards all are acceptable means of payment ( In USA funds). You may also process and print out the order without any payment information filled in and mail us the payment. ( allow 8-10 days for your check to clear before shipping.) You also may call us toll free  1-800-700-4515 M-F 9-5 to order by phone. We also have pledge that we never divulge your name and information to any third party. We protect your privacy and ship all products from our own warehouse. 

Factoid: When Holdup Suspenders "No-Slip Clip" was patented ( US patent # 4901408) it was the first innovation in suspender clips in over 114 years.

factoid2.gif (9563 bytes)

Q.gif (1032 bytes)Do actually make these suspenders and really back them up with a limited time warranty?

The answersYes! We hold all manufacturing rights to not only Holdup suspenders, 30 day money back guarantee back by a lifetime warranty on our patented clip.but also own the patent that restricts the manufacturing of "cheap copies" from anywhere in the world. Our products are manufactured using the best grade elastic materials and triple plated limited time guaranteed clasps. All  leather crosspatches and tabs are machine sewn with high tensile thread. Nothing gets a production OK till the suspender is thoroughly test for look and function. This also allows us to control the quality of each and every component that goes into making these Holdup suspenders the "best money can buy". If we didn't believe in this claim we wouldn't make it and back it up with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our patented clips are warranted for life to never SLIP-SLIDE or POP OFF. See the article written up in the Detroit News business editorial section Dec. 1999.

Q.gif (1032 bytes) How do I replace or repair a broken Holdup no-slip clip and can I buy replacement clips from Holdup Suspender Company and make my own suspenders.

The answersHoldup Suspender clips in all the variety of styles and sizes are sold right from this web page... www.holdup.com/clip.htm  with quantity discounts. All Holdup Suspender Company patented products utilize our unique USA patented metal no-slip clips or plastic Gripper clasps. Many crafters make their own suspender colorful straps and attach our clips to their designs and sell them a handicraft marketplaces.

View Short video clip on how to replace/repair a Holdup Suspender no-slip clip!

Buy replacement Holdup suspender clips above and repair an old pair with broken clips and extend the life of your favorite suspenders.

Buy the unique Holdup Suspender Clips that make all the difference when wearing clip-on suspenders.

Q.gif (1032 bytes)What is your busiest shopping Holiday for sales?

The answersTraditionally Holdup Suspender shoppers by more of our products at Fathers Day then even the Christmas rush period. Our webmaster has researched the History of Father's day trying to uncover the importance this day has in men's fashion accessories. Take a Tour of the History of Fathers Day and then see some of our specials that make the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Officially Fathers day is the 3rd Sunday in June so be sure to shop early for dad and Grand dad. Then come back here for their birthdays as they always enjoy these gifts of comfort and style.

Q.gif (1032 bytes) How can shoppers get the FREE FREIGHT offer?

The answersThe Free Freight offer is for all orders shipped through our Amazon FBA warehouse inventory synced to this site when choosing standard shipping method. This site requires Amazon account payments and free Amazon warehouse delivery. You can specify priority 2nd day shipping at an extra cost. Our other web sites ( ie. www.Suspenders.com ) offer free fereight for orders over $75.00 that are shipped to any of the lower 48 USA States via UPS or the US postal Service standard  ground rates. Be sure to check off USPS as your preferred shipper to have the shopping cart automatically deduct the freight charge. 

Click to see larger image fashiongals.gif (18288 bytes) Woman wearing Double-Ups making a fashion statement

Q.gif (1032 bytes) Is it a myth that girls wear these suspenders too?

The answersFact is that we learn from our Suspender Wearers Association (SWA) members that the gals not only wear them, but brag on them as a fashion statement. No kidding! These aren't just the Biker Girls, worrying like their men about cold breezes down the back of their gapping pants, but the real trendy ones seeking a new look on campus or the bar scene. 

Double-Up designer pattern series Holdup Suspenders in City Lights pattern are sold here in our Double-Ups web shop

The Double-Up style suspender has the traditional aesthetic look of button-on suspender braces, with the ease of allowing the patented no-slip clips to instantly attach them to your pants without sewing on buttons. All our suspenders use a clip so unique that they were granted a USA patent.