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Hold-Ups 1 1/2" All Black Hidden Undergarment Suspenders with USA Patented Black Gripper Clasps

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Looking for conventional X-back style Hold-Up undergarment super soft fabric suspenders in black with our exclusive black patented, cam activated Gripper clasps, the harder you pull on them the tighter they hold. Made to wear under Untuckit type loose fitting shirts these All Black hidden Undergarment clip-on Hold-up hidden suspenders are something entirely new in men's suspenders. These black undergarment suspenders remain invisible as these are worn comfortably  under any loose fitting shirt next to your skin. Holdup Suspender Company patented these undergarment pant suspenders, which are trademarked as Under-Ups name. Invisible or hidden clip-on airport friendly suspenders for the customer who prefers to wear their Hold-Up suspenders under a loose fitting shirt with shorts or pants. These super comfortable all black suspenders are made to be worn out of sight for those not needing to tuck in their shirts and attach at waist with 4 of our patented super strong composite plastic Gripper Clasps.

Black undergarment Holdup X-back suspenders with 4 patented Gripper clasps and they're made in the USA


The soft poly-blend washable elastic black fabric is 1-1/2" wide and length adjustable to fit most average height men. The new Velcro type flush length adjustment system is used in all our Under-Up suspenders to look smooth eliminating the adjustment buckle bulge and feel comfortable when wearing these suspenders under your loose fitting shirt. Our customers asked for a no-alarm Airport Friendly undergarment suspenders in black... and we listened. This 9503XP style Under-Ups have a sewn X-back styling and black plastic gripper clasps. The 4 patented black Gripper Clasps will last through years of wear without flying off your pants. This is our part number 9503XP ALL black Under-Ups with the patented gripper clasp that holds tighter the harder you pull on them. These suspenders will no trigger secure building or airport metal detectors and are airport friendly too for those who are frequent travelers.

  • 1 1/2" wide All black super soft thick ace bandage type elastic straps on these hidden undergarment Hold-up® suspenders
  • All black Comfortable undergarment suspenders worn with shorts or pants remain hidden under your shirt next to your skin
  • Black Under-UpsTM with Gripper Clasps are to be worn under your loose shirt or sweater with soft black elastic straps that wear like thick ace bandage to firmly hold your pants in place.
  • Airport Friendly All black Under-UpsTM 4 patented black Gripper Clasps, that hold tighter the harder you pull on them, have a double sewn smooth line X-back style
  • USA Patented smooth hook & loop type length adjustment system makes these black Under-Ups® fit just right