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Holdup Maternity Undergarment side-clip Suspenders with Patented No-slip metal clips

Holdup Maternity Undergarment side-clip Suspenders with Patented No-slip metal clips

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Perfect for the lady with a "Pea-in-the-Pod" who needs to Holdupreg; her maternity fashions in total comfort and security. Maternity Hold-Ups unique side-clip design, soft elastic fabric and smooth Velcro length adjustment system means there is no digging or pressure on the delicate pregnant belly. Made and Patented in the USA these are a hit with pregnant movie stars or anyone frustrated with today's cheaply made and poorly designed maternity pants, shorts and skirts. This Maternity Suspender model has silver no-slip metal clips that won't fray your clothes. These are 1 1/4" wide and 42" long (adjustable). Forget the constant hitching up of your droopy maternity pants as everyone knows with a big belly and no butt...only suspenders will work against gravity and expanding waistline to keep your pants in place. Maternity Hold-Upsreg; are the Perfect Baby Shower gift and as so comfortable you'll forget your wearing them. Our "Maternity Hold-Ups are a super soft addition to our comfortware line of suspenders and sloops Jeans & Slacks. We sell several styles with metal or composite plastic Gripper Clasps

Holdup Maternity side clip suspenders with patented no-slip clips

  • 1 1/4" wide super soft maternity suspenders with patented Holdup® silver tone no-slip® clips
  • Holdup® Maternity suspenders for pregnant women worn under any loose fitting blouse
  • Super soft hip clip® style maternity pant suspenders.
  • Ultra comfortable and worn with maternity skirts, pants , loose jeans or maternity shorts
  • Eliminates constant hiking up of your maternity pants and attaches with only 2 clips at the side of your pants